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Listed below are all the 2010 Legacies Now programs in alphabetical order.  

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20% Challenge

20% Challenge

The 20% Challenge encourages British Columbians to increase their physical activity by 20% by 2010.

2010 Legacies Now Connecting Communities Tour

From 2005-2008, the 2010 Legacies Now Connecting Communities Tour travelled to 36 communities to share the spirit of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games with close to 300,000 British Columbians.


Aboriginal Sport Gallery

2010 Legacies Now and its partners have created a new Aboriginal Sport Gallery at the BC Sports Hall of Fame to honour the unique contributions Aboriginal people have made to BC’s sport heritage.

Aboriginal Youth Sports Challenge

From 2006-2007, the Aboriginal Youth Sports Challenge engaged young Aboriginal athletes in a day of inspiration, competition and fun.

Aboriginal Youth Sport Legacy Fund

The Aboriginal Youth Sport Legacy Fund supports programs which encourage BC's Aboriginal to participate in physical activity and sport.

Accessible Playgrounds Project

Three world-class, accessible playgrounds are being built in Vancouver, Whistler and Richmond, venue cities for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Accessible Tourism

2010 Legacies Now, the Province of BC, Tourism BC and numerous tourism partners are working to increase accessible tourism in BC and help to make the province a premier travel destination for people with disabilities. 

Action Schools! BC™

Action Schools! BC™

Action Schools! BC™ promotes physical activity and healthy eating in BC schools.

Arts Build Communities

Arts Build Communities offers a range of resources, including toolkits and webcasts, to increase knowledge of the arts.

Arts Partners in Creative Development

Arts Partners in Creative Development

Arts Partners in Creative Development (APCD) is a strategic investment partnership to assist BC arts and cultural organizations create and develop new works or further develop existing works, with the intent of producing, presenting or exhibiting them at the highest standard.


BC Activity Reporter

The BC Activity Reporter is the province’s online source of centralized sport and recreation participation data.

BC Sport Participation Program

The BC Sport Participation Program aims to increase sport participation in community and school-based sports, while also increasing participation by seniors and people with disabilities.



Catalyst invests in BC arts, cultural and heritage organizations wishing to enhance their artistic and administrative capabilities.


From 2005 to 2008, 2010 Legacies Now supported Chill, a snowboarding program for inner-city youth designed to increase self-esteem through sport.

Creative Communities

Creative Communities invests in municipalities and other local governing bodies working to build cultural planning into their visions for the future.



Early Literacy and Learning

Early Literacy and Learning services and resources are designed to support families, caregivers, early learning practitioners and educators who interact with children from birth to eight years of age.

Explorations summer camps

Explorations summer camps provide BC children in kindergarten through Grade 7 with the opportunity to explore arts and/or sport and recreation.



Game Plan BC

Game Plan BC supports BC's high-performance athletes in 17 Olympic and Paralympic Winter sports with funds for coaching, cross-training, sport psychologists and travel for competition.

Growing Champions

Growing Champions™

Growing Champions™ is a financial assistance program connecting high-performance BC athletes with businesses and individuals throughout the province.


Heroes Live Here

Heroes Live Here™ encourages children and youth to discover what makes a hero heroic, to celebrate the everyday heroes in their own lives, and to act heroically themselves through projects that reach out to their community.

Hosting BC™

Hosting BC™

Hosting BC™ provides grants to BC communities to host national and international sport events.


Immigrant PALS

Immigrant Parents as Literacy Supporters (IPALS) is a three-year pilot program helping immigrant families support their preschool- and kindergarten-aged children’s early literacy development, through interactions in English and their first language.

Infusion™: Arts in Education

Infusion™ (Arts in Education) logo

Infusion™: Arts in Education will provide arts experiences for students in kindergarten to Grade 8 leading to enhanced learning opportunities.


Innovations invests in BC arts, cultural and heritage organizations wishing to create new opportunities for community members to participate in arts and cultural activities.

Integrated Performance System

The Integrated Performance System offers training and development pathways for athletes to move from provincial programs to national development programs and national teams.


Jacques Demers champions literacy in BC

The Jacques Demers literacy tour brought the Stanley Cup winning coach to three BC communities in September 2007. Mr. Demers shared his inspiring personal story of his struggle with low literacy.





LEAP BC™ provides children from birth to age five with a strong foundation in literacy, physical activity and healthy eating, through fun activities and play.

Literacy Now Communities program

The Literacy Now Communities program guides communities through a planning process to identify local literacy needs.

Local Sport Program Development Fund

The Local Sport Program Development Fund aims to attract more people to community sport and provides funds to municipalities, sport organizations and Aboriginal communities.


Measuring Up

Measuring Up aims to foster opportunities for the active engagement, participation and contribution of persons with disabilities in their communities.





Parents as Literacy Supporters (PALS) gives parents new strategies to encourage learning in their pre-school and kindergarten-aged children.



RBC 2010 Legacies Now Speaker Series

The RBC 2010 Legacies Now Speaker Series enables BC businesses and communities to learn from international experts in the Olympic and Paralympic Games industry.

Arts Summit: Shifting Ground - New Realities, New Ideas, New Opportunities

Regional Arts Summits BC

2010 Legacies Now in collaboration with local community arts organizations will present a series of Regional Arts Summits in British Columbia between 2009-2011.


School Programs

Together with its partners, 2010 Legacies Now offers school resources aimed at building a legacy of healthy living, arts participation and social responsibility.

Spirit of BC

Spirit of BC

Spirit of BC is a province-wide initiative that promotes community innovation, pride and excellence, and involves British Columbians in opportunities arising from the 2010 Winter Games.

Spirit of 2010 Hockey Tournament

Spirit of 2010 Hockey Tournment

From 2003-2009, the Spirit of 2010 Hockey Tournament celebrated healthy living, amateur sport and community spirit in cities and towns across BC.



SportFit™ is a fun, easy, interactive tool to get children and youth interested in physical activity through the discovery of new sports.

Sport Tourism

The Sport Tourism programs aim to connect communities with sport event hosting opportunities and make BC a premier sport event destination.




Vancouver 2010 Aboriginal Youth Legacy Fund

The Vancouver 2010 Aboriginal Youth Legacy Fund will support education, sport, culture and sustainability initiatives for Aboriginal youth across Canada beyond the 2010 Winter Games.

Virtual Voices Village™

Virtual Voices Village is a program that provides opportunities for students with disabilities to participate in the excitement of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.™™™ is an online registration tool to connect volunteers with event organizations across BC.

Volunteer Centre Opportunity Listings Tool

The Volunteer Centre Opportunity Listings Tool helps volunteer centres and their members manage their volunteer positions – all online, quickly and easily.


Women on Boards: A Guide to Getting Involved

Women on Boards: A Guide to Getting Involved offers information to help women serve on governing boards and committees.




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